Mene Ton Enquete

Mene Ton Enquete

“Conduct your investigation” is a virtual reality game initiated by the association of road traffic prevention and Allianz France, realized by the alternativ reality studio and the neo digital explanatory communication agency, whose objective is to sensitize a large public on The risks associated with urban blind spots involving cyclists, pedestrians or two-wheel motorized vehicles.

This game consists of two traffic accidents involving a truck driver for one and a bus driver for the other. As an investigative journalist, the mission of the player is to write an article, but to be able to do so, he must understand the scenarios of the two accidents. The game consists of:

  • Take the seats of the various actors of the two accidents while listening to the reflections and comments of each of them. He can find himself at the wheel of the truck as well as the bus, put himself in the skin of the cyclist, the witness of the scene or children crossing the road.
  • View the scene several times to understand and become aware of every point of view related to the problem of the blind spot.
  • Call on the road safety expert for a precise and detailed explanation.

This immersion of the player in a 3D universe adapted to the scenario of each of the two accidents makes it possible to involve the player by putting him in front of two typical situations of risks roads related to the blind spots while proposing to him a context playful and interactive. Thus, he is engaged in an immersive experience, both educational and entertaining , in a graphic universe that is realistic enough to allow him to project himself without difficulty and to anchor his problems permanently in his daily life.